Challenge the Adventurer within you!

There is no better time than Now to be Outdoors!

"Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety," says Gregory A. Miller, PhD, president of the American Hiking Society. "Being in nature is ingrained in our DNA, and we sometimes forget that."

Waterfall Chaser

Challenge The Adventurer within you


Challenge The Adventurer within you

Family Trail Time

Challenge The Adventurer within you

Bike 1000

Challenge The Adventurer within you


Challenge The Adventurer within you

Available Challenges!

Hiker's 365 Challange

Hike 365 Miles in 365 Days starting when you log your 1st Hike!

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Waterfall Chaser Challenge

Capture photos of 10 Different Waterfalls
Within a 90 Day Period!

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Family Trail Time Challenge

Take the Kids on 10 Hikes Within a 90 day Period!

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Paddle 90 in 90 Challenge

Paddle a Total of 90 Miles
Within a 90 Day Time Period!

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Bike 1000 Challenge

Bike a Total of 1000 Miles
Within a 90 Day Period!

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Fall 50 Challenge

Hike a Total of 50 Miles
October 1st  - November 30th

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Winter 100 Challenge

Hike a Total of 100 Miles
November 1st - December 31st

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More Coming Soon!

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We have completed four of the challenges and had so much fun finishing them. We have been places we would have never been and done things we would not have done if we had not been working on a challenge. We have never camped in the winter but we did this year. We woke up to snow on the ground and 21 degrees and still completed 9.3 miles that day. We are excited about our next challenge!

Sonja Warren

As someone who loves to be outside and in nature, these challenges give an extra push to do so. Being given a challenge to complete while doing what I love makes it all the more fun. People have seen me in the #fall50challenge shirt and the #WaterfallChaserChallenge and they have started conversations and inspired others to get out there too. Having the buttons on my pack is nice too, It’s a good sense of accomplishment, and a push to keep going.

Emily Karsten

This challenge was definitely something I took up to challenge and motivate myself! I absolutely loved it, only being able to hike weekends I really had to make sure I was getting outside and getting my miles in. I was proud to be able to hit 50 miles a week before the due date! I can’t wait to see what other challenges I can participate in, I definitey recommend any of these challenges!


I am so glad that my daughter and I joined the challenge last year! She was so proud of herself when we finished! She still talks about how much fun it was and it gave her such confidence by having that goal and crushing it. Can’t wait till this years challenge!

Julie Hulsey

I really had fun doing the fall challenge! Even though I was not able to complete it, I did enjoy hiking new trails and getting as far as I did!!! Will definitely do it again this year!

Sheila Orange

 It was great accepting this challenge and keep ourself motivated to get outside. I was fairly new for the outdoor stuff and this challenge boosted my energy level to keep going. Highly recommend to the new folks who are willing to start the outdoor!

Nachiket Patil

I enjoyed accepting and successfully completing the challenge. It also helped me meet another goal of at least 365 miles hiked last year (actually, I finished at 410)!

Robert Dean

The Fall 50 really got me out and exploring places that I usually wouldn’t. Loved the challenge and really loved the shirt!

Danielle Roberts-Wingate

The Waterfall Chaser Challenge is the first Adventure Challenge that I have participated in. I really enjoyed this challenge because, while I am an avid hiker and waterfall chaser, it pushed me to broaden my focus to new falls in the surrounding states........ 

Laura Tunstill