Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information

Under normal circumstances, you should receive both your T-Shirt and Welcome Packet within 10-14 days for the United States and 20-25 days for Canada. However, we have experienced some delays with the Postal Services, so please be patient.

No, the Welcome Packet which includes the Patch & Sticker is mailed separately in a standard size envelope.

Yes, if you ordered the Hiking Journal it typically takes 10-14 days to be delivered. However, the Log Sheets can be downloaded here.

Please check your Spam/Junk/Promotion Folders for emails from: or

Mark the email address as "Not Junk"

No, the Patch & T-Shirt is not required to get started on logging hikes.

Get the Order # from that individual to place on your Log Sheet. If they can not find the order #, they can request it via the contact us form.

Click HERE to see your order history. Be sure to use the same email address you used to register.


You are more than welcome to do the challenges for the fun/health of it. However, that will not include the t-shirt, patch, sticker or the planting of a tree. Please write the would "FREE" in place of the order # on the log sheet.

For the Seasonal Challenges, registration will close at the end of the first month of the challenge.

For The Hiker's 365 and all 4 Seasonal Challenges, each logged hike needs to be at least 1 mile. You can repeat shorter hikes or combine multiple trails to reach that 1-mile minimum within the same day.

Use whichever app, smartwatch, or GPS you feel comfortable with. You can even use trail signage if available. Apps: All trails, Strava, Map My Walk, Relive, etc.

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Yes, please join: The Weekend Adventurer

Use our Contact Us Form

The Hiker's 365 Challenge begins when you log your first hike, so start whenever you're ready.

No, just get in the 365 miles within 365 days!

You must complete all four Seasonal Challenges & The Hiker's 365. Click here for details!

You have two options. Please complete your Log Sheet accordingly.

* September 1st - October 31st
* October 1st - November 30th

One segment of the falls must be at least 5 ft. high and needs to natural, not man-made. It does not have to be a named fall.

Our Challenges are on the Honor System. Therefore you get to pick the location.

No; the hikes/walks must be outdoors.

First and foremost, the hikes/walks must be outdoors!

The hikes/walks need to be with the intention of getting in miles or an adventure for the challenge and not your regular activities that you would be doing regardless of participating in a challenge. Our challenges are not simply to accumulate miles/steps, so do not count your regular activities. As much as we prefer you hike on a dirt trail, we realize that is not always possible. So urban hikes and paved paths are allowed (This does not include neighborhood walks). Our primary goal with our Challenges is to get people outdoors and outside of their own neighborhood/surroundings to enjoy nature while hiking.

For each of the hiking challenges we allow you to backlog to the beginning of the "current month", if you have been logging your hikes.

For The Hiker's 365, if you registered and completed the previous seasonal challenge, we allow you to backlog to the beginning of the previous seasonal challenge. Keep in mind this changes the start date for your 365 days.

No, if you have multiple dogs or are walking different dogs from a shelter you can mix up the 65 miles between the dogs.  

Considering you can start tis challenge at anytime and share the miles with the other challenges, we prefer you not backlog the hikes for your 4 legged companion.

Absolutely, you can share the miles with our other challenges.

Our challenges aren't merely about racking up "Miles/Steps". They're geared towards genuine outdoor hiking experiences. Everyday activities, like strolls to the mailbox or walking to work, or even family outings like visits to Disney, Epcot, zoos, and festivals, should not be counted unless you embarked on them specifically with this challenge in mind. If the activity was something you would have done regardless of participating in the challenge, don't count it! The heart of our Challenges is to encourage participants to venture beyond their local surroundings/neighborhoods and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature through hiking. (All hikes/walks must be outdoors)

  1. Paved Paths in Local Parks: These can offer scenic walks through green spaces, often with markers or interpretive signs about local flora, fauna, or history. Examples include riverside trails or paths winding through urban forests.
  2. Downtown Walking Tours: Many cities have self-guided walking tours that take you through historic or culturally significant parts of the city. These routes often include landmarks, art installations, and architectural highlights.
  3. Rails-to-Trails Paths: These are repurposed railway tracks converted into walking and biking trails. They often traverse both urban and suburban areas, providing long, uninterrupted paths ideal for hiking.
  4. Waterfront Promenades: Many cities have developed their waterfront areas with long, paved paths ideal for walking. These can include piers, parks, and sometimes even urban beaches, offering a unique mix of nature and cityscapes.
  5. Sculpture Parks or Outdoor Art Trails: These unique urban hikes combine the enjoyment of art with walking. Cities often have parks or designated areas where sculptures and large-scale art installations are displayed outdoors.

Yes, to both Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing! No, to any type of downhill skiing.

The Challenges can be completed on a paved path, using a wheelchair, medical scooter, or other nonmotorized device.

No; on the Hiking Challenges you are required to hike, walk or run. Both feet need to be touching the ground one after the other.

Exceptions: In a wheelchair or medical scooter.

No, it just adds to the fun of the Challenge by allowing others to find and share in your adventures.

Yes. We understand some areas may have a limited number of trails, but do try and explore more options. Use an app such as all trails to find places near by.

No, not as long as you have a way to track the mileage. Just list them as "unnamed" on the Log Sheet.

Yes, you can share miles from the seasonal Hiking Challenges (Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter), The K9 Challenge and the Waterfall Chaser Challenge with the Hiker's 365 Challenge. If you do the Fall 50 Challenge during Oct. - Nov. you can share the Nov. miles with the Winter 100.

Click HERE to submit your completed Log Sheet.

About Us

We are a family-owned business; we are not a non-profit.  Both my wife and I are hiker enthusiasts who love the outdoors.  This is our way of not only encouraging others to get outdoors and appreciate nature but a way to give back to the hiking community by planting trees.  We do not give out financial information, but the registration fee covers marketing, the cost of goods, operating expenses, the planting of trees and a lot of love (labor) that goes into it.  Read more about us here.

Absolutely! We have teamed up with to have a tree planted for every completed log sheet we receive. We leave it up to them to determine the location and what type of tree based on the current need.