Available Challenges

Hiker's 365 Challenge

Hike 365 Miles in 365 Days starting when you log your 1st Hike!

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Spring Fling Trail Challenge

Hike 75 Miles March - May!

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Family Trail Time Challenge

Take the Kids on 10 Hikes in 90 days!

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Fall 50 Challenge

Hike a Total of 50 Miles
October 1st  - November 30th

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Waterfall Chaser Challenge

Capture photos of 10-15 Different Waterfalls Within a 90 Day Period!

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Paddle 90 in 90 Challenge

Paddle 90 Miles within a 90 Day period!

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The challenge was great! We explored some new trails and found out we could hike longer distances. It helped us push our limits.

Keith Coleman

Loved doing the Fall 50 challenge and got a great t-shirt to prove it 💚. Fall is my favorite time of year to hike!

Terrie Hinton

The Fall 50 challenge motivated me to get out of the house and on the trail.  I needed that little push to get off the couch and away from the TV.  I had so much fun!!  I look forward to doing more of these challenges.

Sandra Bowles

This challenge kept me motivated to be active. My friends and I had a great time completing the challenge. We did hikes that probably otherwise we would have not done. Looking forward for the next one.